About CBSE Curriculum

Dedicated faculty

We recruit faculty members having teaching with service oriented adherence. Every student gets personalized attention.

Progressive Pedagogy

In sync with the latest developments in Education system, our pedagogical approach is strengthened with curious activities.

Unparalleled Support

Our TEAM CAPITOL has an unconditional support towards progression in academics, physical, emotional and social evolution.


The best outgoing students with exemplary academic and overall excellence are rewarded with Sri V K Parthasarathy award and Smt. Kamala Parthasarathy award respectively for their achievements.


Capitol Public School , affiliated with CBSE follows and functions under CBSE guidelines. Our school encourages a culture of innovation and believes in Competency based activities at different levels like hands-on activities, experiential learning and tasks- igniting pursuit of learning . Learning with joy is our foundational adage.

Pre-Primary Programme

Observe, relate, understand and exhibit.

With this curriculum approach, Capitol lays foundation for significant breakthroughs.

Learning with ability and fun makes our Kindergarten classes function with liveliness. Blended curriculum of Montessori and formal system helps children to grasp, analyse and understand the concepts in a smooth way. Every classroom teaching is allied with hands-on activities.

Our Primary and Secondary curriculum programme

To make learning enjoyable, our academic and non-academic structures are tested and proven through constant upgradation. Subject integrated classes generate curiosity and connect.

Our teachers with determination, hard work and a meticulous approach, establish a long lasting connect with our students. Attainable planning, preparation and application help children to boost their level of confidence. Students are prepared to demonstrate their learning through introspection.

Our academic curriculum focuses at
  • Primary :Observe, grasp, ideate and demonstrate
  • Middle and Secondary: grasp, apply, evaluate, and demonstrate.

Enrichment Activities

Children have immense potentials within. Here, at Capitol Public School, children are encouraged to participate in enrichment activities as part of their learning pursuit to identify their strengths and interests.

These cross-curricular enrichment activities enhance children's creativity with a wide variety of topics. They build skills in critical thinking, listening, memory, visualization, and concentration through singing, hands-on science experiments, physical education, subject integrated activities, classroom presentations, Assembly thematic activities, Assembly commands etc…

Hobby Clubs help children to explore and exhibit their skills. Educational field trips related to their topics, encouraging children to participate in inter-school events or conducting social awareness campaigns enrich their competence.

Our Structural Methodologies


Capitol welcomes toddlers at the age of 3 in Nursery Class. Our early childhood pedagogy is all about

Acquaintance and Approach
Basic civilities and decorum
Cognitive learning

During pre-primary stage, activities are essentially child-centric. We engage children actively through purposeful tasks enhance their curiosity and start building positive frame of mind for future academic journey. Here, the plans are set with flexibility to suit every child’s need and response.

Capitol Early childhood Education and Care (ECEC) ensures quality time, joyful learning and Parent-teachers’ receptive engagement to build a strong foundation for their transition towards formal schooling.


This, being a first transitional phase, child’s sensitivity and curiosity are taken care of. The methodology continues to be student-centric with hands-on activities, formative based learning, active observation and constructive guidance by the teachers assessing the children to ascertain their inquisitive level.

At Capitol, Primary level starts from the age 6. The teachers apply various creative strategies that involve every child into active participation- from Assembly to bigger platform.

Each subject teaching strategy is framed exclusively to suit child’s cognizance. Subject integration method has better and convincing effect similar to learning by doing activities.

Middle School

Child enters the middle school at the age of 10, with higher understanding, applying, analyzing and creating skills.

Capitol encourages children to think and analyze with precision. The summative approach enables children to understand their skills and knowledge. It also provides comprehensive insight to teachers to evaluate each child’s learning ability.

Here in Capitol, teachers apply innovative ideas and ways while planning the curriculum that are constructive, collaborative, integrative, reflective and corroborative. Students eagerly wait for their presentation through various modes.

Secondary School

Our secondary School teaching-learning structure is very much interactive. We emphasize on Bloom’s Taxonomy while creating effective learning zone. We set learning goal for each child and guide them to achieve as per their receptivity but, within planned structure. Well qualified and experienced staff engages children through our invigorating classroom discussions, giving individual attention, unrestricted doubt-clearing possibilities, group activities to sustain interest in studies.

Interactions and Presentations are the most effective tools to comprehend, analyze and interpret. Periodic Assessments keep our children connected with the subjects.